CTET Paper-1 English language-1 SECTION Answer key (08/12/2019)

CTET Paper-1 English language-1 SECTION Answer key (08/12/2019)

NOTE- answers are given in Bold letters.

91- What makes the earth forests of Tholling and Tsparang look amazing?
(1) The ruins on the banks of the Sutlej.
(2) Abundance of flora and fauna.
(3) Cool breeze that makes people feel drowsy.
(4) Pillars formed by rocks resembling a forest.

92- Langchen Khambab is a boon for the North of India because:
(1) it is a major source of water supply and power generation.
(2) it brings along with it mountain soil and minerals.
(3) the prosperity of the whole of India depends on it.
(4) it abounds in aquatic animals.

93- Read the following sentences:
A. Kangri Karchok is holy book of the Tibetans.
B. Langchen Khambab is responsible for rich cultivation of various types of fruits in the Himachal Pradesh.
(1) A is true, B is false.
(2) B is true, A is false.
(3) both A and B are true.
(4) Both A and B are false.

94- Which one of the following words is most similar in meaning to the word ‘gigantic’ as used in the passage (para 4)?
(1) terrifying
(2) high
(3) formidable
(4) huge

95- Which one of the following words is the most opposite in meaning to the word ‘sacred’ as used in the passage (Para 1)?
(1) pure
(2) noble
(3) unholy
(4) moral

96- Which part of the following sentence contains an error?
I am not   in best position  to advise you  in this matter.
  (a)                  (b)                       (c)                          (d)

(1) (a)
(2) (b)
(3) (c)
(4) (d)

97- Which part of speech is the underlined word in the following sentence:
I don’t know why he is so hostile to me.
(1) adjective
(2) Adverb
(3) Preposition
(4) Pronoun

98- ‘Lake unconquerable’ refers to :
(1) Langchen Khambab river
(2) Lake Manasarovar
(3) Lake Rakshatal
(4) The Sutlej river

99- According to Kangri Karchoke, Langchen Khambab does not/is not
(1) have sands of gold.
(2) circle the Manasarovar seven times.
(3) flow very gently through the hills.
(4) a cold river.

Direction : Read the extract given below and answer the questions the follow (Q nos. 100 to 105) by selecting the correct/most appropriate options :

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley the Death
Rode the six hundred.
“Forward the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns!” he said,
Into the valley the Death
Rode the six hundred.
Forward, the Light Brigade!”

100- The expression ‘the valley the death’ refers to :
(1) the place where the dead soldiers are lying buried.
(2) the impending death of soldiers.
(3) the house of death.
(4) a nightmarish place.

101- Which of the following statements is not true?
The military discipline teaches the soldiers :
(1) to do and die.
(2) to obey their commander’s order.
(3) to act tactfully in the battlefield.
(4) not to ask any question.

102- Which of the following adjectives does not apply to the soldiers?
(1) courageous
(2) disciplined
(3) patriotic
(4) impractical

103- Name the figure of speech used in ‘the Valley of Death’.
(1) Metaphor
(2) Simile
(3) Synecdoche
(4) Metonymy

104- which literary device is used in the expression, ‘to do and die’?
(1) Assonance
(2) Alliteration
(3) Simile
(4) Personification

105- In the first stanza of the extract, the soldiers are :
(1) talking to each other about their personal problems.
(2) waiting for their commander’s order.
(3) thinking about the result of the war.
(4) seen riding fast to the enemy territory.

106- In the multilingual classroom learners can interact         .
(1) in the medium of instruction followed by the school.
(2) in their own language and can be a mix of words from more than one language.
(3) only in the language prescribed in three-language formula.
(4) in the language with which the teacher is familiar.

107- Diagnostic tests are administered to ……….
(1) find out deficiencies of the students with a view to planning remedies.
(2) assess the suitability of a candidate for a specific programme.
(3) test the language proficiency of students for providing them jobs.
(4) judge the students, capabilities.

108- Structural approach gives more importance to ……….
(1) speech and reading
(2) reading only
(3) speech only
(4) reading and writing

109- Which among the following does not come under meaning based activities?
(1) Interacting with the text.
(2) Using previous knowledge.
(3) reading the text and then narrating the same to peers.
(4) Reading out every word aloud and translating it.

110- ……. Comprehension is the skill of reading a piece of text closely or intensely for the purpose of extracting specific information from the text.
(1) Inferential
(2) Global
(3) Local
(4) Transactional

111- It is a type of writing in which the teacher provides the situation and helps the class to prepare it. The teacher continuously provides feedback, direction and expansion of ideas to the learners.
(1) Controlled writing
(2) Guided writing
(3) Free writing
(4) Product writing

112- A teacher asked the students of class V to read the text thoroughly. Then she asked them to answer the questions with reference to the context (RTC). In this process she is encouraging students for…….
(1) skimming
(2) Scanning
(3) Intensive reading
(4) Extensive reading

113- The term ‘Comprehensible input’ is associated with……..
(1) Lev Vygotsky
(2) Stephen Krashan
(3) Noam Chomsky
(4) James Asher

114- Which one of the following is not a sub skill of reading?
(1) Connecting
(2) Predicting
(3) Synthesizing
(4) Transcripting

115- Which one of the following is least important in enhancing speaking skill of children?
(1) Listening patiently to children’s talk.
(2) Giving them an opportunity to express their feelings and ideas.
(3) Asking closed ended questions.
(4) Organizing discussions on a given topic.

116- At primary level literature is helpful in developing language of learners as :
(1) It encourages the learners to complete the worksheets based on it.
(2) It is an authentic material covering various genres.
(3) It develops teachers’ interpretative, creative and critical abilities.
(4) It is a good basis for the only expansion of vocabulary.

117- A teacher prepares a worksheet and removes every seventh word from the text. Then she asks the learners to read the text after that they were asked to complete the worksheet with missing word. The task given on the worksheet is a
(1) Speaking task
(2) Writing task
(3) Cloze test
(4) Open test

118- ‘Language is arbitrary’ means that …..
(1) Something is determined by judgement and for a specific reason.
(2) It is based on a valid reason and not on chance.
(3) There is a strong relation between the words of a language and their meaning.
(4) There is no inherent relation between the words of a language and their meaning.

119- The teacher observed that Pravin could not write a paragraph on her own even after brainstorming the topic. However, she was able to write it under adult or peer guidance. This guidance is called…..
(1) Team teaching
(2) Counselling
(3) Scaffolding
(4) Socialization

120- The purpose of textual exercise is not to
(1) Develop creativity among learners.
(2) Provide opportunity to express themselves.
(3) Memorise the answers to the questions.
(4) Give exposure to language learning.

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